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Renewing the Blog...

Since when did my life become all about food and not about the LORD?  Looking back on past posts from my blog and also on Facebook it is really kind of weird how one started and the other one stopped.

The funny thing is I have been all about food… and have found myself absolutely STARVING for God's word and spiritual interaction with other believers.  For about 5 years now. But, my soul has been awakened and things are becoming clearer and clearer.  I've been praying for the LORD to put the passion of being soaked in the scriptures in my heart again. I think He has.  It's growing at least. My life is different now than it was back then.  I use to carry my Bible with me everywhere…I even opened it and put in on my pillow next to my head at night, so that when I woke up or just rolled over I could read a verse or two…or ten :) Of course now a days, "there's an app for that" is the motto, and my sword is with me as long as my iPhone is.

A lot has happened since then.  I was waiting for a mission. I also wanted to get married. I thought really that it would all happen at once.  Get married, get sent to somewhere like Africa (begging in prayer that I would not have to eat a grub, immature I know.) See miracles by the power of the Holy Spirit, share the wonderful news of Christ's salvation and forgiveness.  Boy was I ARROGANT! I had/have so much to learn. I bet God was up there shaking his head and chuckling…a lot!

I did get married, and we as individuals and a couple got sent into a mission field.  More like drop-kicked. But it wasn't Africa.  It was marriage.  My mission field was marriage.  ?  Do you hear crickets chirping?

At the time I got married (2002) I was a Seventh Day Adventist.  I was born into that religion and stayed there until I was 30 years old.  I married a Non-Denominationalist whose belief in God was quite a bit different than mine.  But we both believe that Jesus, God's only Son died on the cross to take the hit for us and our sins so that we wouldn't have to. We believe(d) that Jesus rose on the third day and 40 days thereafter ascended into heaven (according to scripture)…so we believed ourselves to be equally yoked. 

My Eye's Opened

We were going to Calvary Chapel, and week after week I would be confused and frustrated, not only by what the Hub's was telling me, but what the pastor was also preaching.  He too, was once part of that religion as a kid, and it abounded out of his heart and mouth as he preached through the Bible.  The impact of being a part of something so restricted, and blatantly wrong, will stay with you for the rest of your life.  When I was 30 years old, I sat down at the dining room table with my Bible open, alone and asked God to show me the truth. I just wanted to know Him and His truth.  THE TRUTH!  I also told Him that I would be willing to walk away from everything thing that I had been taught by the SDA church if that is what it took.  I just wanted JESUS and I still do, just JESUS.

There were diet restrictions, sabbath day restrictions, what seals us to the day of redemption, what happens after you die questions…. and sure we as Adventists would talk about the second coming of Christ all of the time…but what I was never taught to pay attention to was the NEW covenant vs. the OLD covenant.

So I started flipping the pages in my Bible, I told God I didn't even know what I was looking for.  Then He told me to stop and read.  Ephesians 1:13 & 14.  What seals us unto the day of redemption…?  It is not the Sabbath Day as I supposed and had been taught all those years.  But it is the HOLY SPIRIT!  I had read the Bible before, how could I have not seen this?  Because I trusted too much in the word of man instead of the word of God.  I was stunned. Other scriptures followed that answered all of my questions and I walked away from Seventh Day Adventism.

I won't go into all the detail.  If you want to know what the LORD showed me concerning all of those questions and more then you can contact me, info is on my blog.

The Church  

I dove head first hard into the word of God after that.  I wanted to know it so well that if I got a cut, I would to bleed scripture! I had a veracious appetite for scripture and to know Jesus more and more. So as a couple we did, and as individuals we did.  At our church (non-denominational) we took theological Bible classes, worked in several different areas of ministry (marriage being the main one, after all it was my (ours) mission field), basically lived at the church…the Hub's was even on staff for awhile.  It was difficult work, but I was in heaven.  It lasted for 8 years. ! Ministering, counseling, mentoring, teaching the youth, holding Bible classes and Prayer groups.  I was soaking in the word of God. I never thought it could change either.  But it did.

Where We Were Supposed To Be  

See, you can't tether yourself to a place called church. That is a house built on shifting sand and it is sure to crumble once the water gets to high.  We need to stand on the rock which is Jesus Christ, look outside of ourselves and our comfort zones, and look for opportunities to fulfill our spiritual gifts IN the whole world. The church is us, and in each of us.

We had to leave the church--building.  In fact the words from the Lord were "run, don't walk".  So we did.  It was devastating and for the last 5 years we have been trying to deal with the devastation.  

Where We ARE Supposed To Be

We still have no  home church. We started 'rebelling' in a way, letting more and more secular things back into our lives, and reverting back to old emotional habits. I have been floundering a bit.  Alone.  For many reasons I cannot mention here. Depression took over, I almost lost my marriage, I couldn't figure out what my purpose was. Then I was reminded by a dear friend, that I needed to be OUTSIDE of the building. Reaching others, serving others, sitting at the feet of Jesus.  Being in His presence.

So I have done some re-prioratizing and started this blog up again to encourage, to give hope to, and love on you all as best I can through this crazy thing we call cyber space.  


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