Rebecca's story


I'm Rebecca. I am 44 years old. I have been married for 15 years, have two grown step-sons, and am currently a homemaker. I decided to take a year off from work...about 3 years ago, and so.... 

I am a Christian, not belonging to any denomination. I am a goner when it comes to theology, growing and learning, paper crafting, and family. The older I get the more I like to try and be outside exercising, hiking, walking, something!

I volunteer at our community 'Friendship Feast' (a true soup kitchen), and also at one of the many rehabilitation/convalescent homes in the area. I LOVE the elderly and am honored to serve them in this way.  

I like lists and goals.  Some I am successful in and some I am not.  Like writing in this blog on a regular basis. But, nonetheless I make them everyday to keep myself on track. ;)

I also study relationships and communication on a continual basis.  I find myself constantly needing to grow in these areas. 

I am not sure where I will be going with this blog.  And I am okay with that.  With volunteering, working at home, paper crafting, gardening, playing darts and cheering on the Spokane Chiefs Ice Hockey in the winter seasons there should be a little bit of everything.  We also have to do A LOT of rennovating to our little fixer-upper home. 

I struggle too, so don't be fooled.  Physically, mentally, spiritually...we all do.  I am just another person in the boat trying to find the paddle in which to row with and I hope that through my thoughts on these blogs you and I will be able to relate and I can let you know somehow that you are not alone in all of this :)


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