Friday, December 16, 2016


pic by Tonya Stinson

I live in a small town surrounded by mountains.  (green with envy? you should be :))) It is beautiful.  Like so many towns, this little town is marked with the first letter of it's name on the hillside, but also a cross. 

You might think this is difficult to see, but as one is entering our town off the highway, it is very visible.  We are located about an hour and a half away from a large city which we commute to on a regular basis to visit family, go to our hockey games, etc. There are 5 or so towns we go through to get from point A to point B.


Since we've been here (a couple of years now) the commute as gotten 'shorter'...meaning we have gotten used to the length.  But there is one 'trek' that never gets shorter...NEVER.  It is the one going home...the time it takes to get from the last town we go through to get to our house.  It is only 26 miles.  So if I'm actually obeying the speed limit..(haha)  it should take 20-25 minutes.  It is the LONGEST 20-25 minutes known to man.  Sheesh!  When I am driving home late at night and it's dark out and I'm T.I.R.E.D. it is worse.


The cross next to the 'C' on the hill at night, lights up.  When I am driving and it is dark and all I want to do is get home...I cannot tell you how beautiful it is to see that cross lit up on that hill to let me know I am almost home!


The next words that come out of my mouth are "Thank God for the Cross!".  And in that moment I am reminded of Jesus.  How he gave His Son, and His life so that we could be forgiven and free.  So that we could know what love really is, and we could live with Him forever.
"I'm almost home!"  Yes, I am almost home.  I'm here temporarily.  There will come a day when my 'address' will change permanently, and I will get to be with Him forever.  With Him.  That is my true home.  Until then, I am reminded of where I am headed....Do you know where  you are headed?

~Blessings friends~

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