Wednesday, October 26, 2016


You are the Path that guides this soul
You are the Light that gives hope
You are the Presence that brings joy in the midst of trial
You save me from my thoughts
Please save me from my feelings

Lay low the obstacles
Fill the valleys
Bring me back home again

You are the Sword that fights for me
You are the Shield that protects me
Your breath washes over me
Your Spirit dwells within me

As the world turns to stone
Those that are known by You will have hearts of flesh
We will seek You and we will find You

We call on Your name and You will answer
Praise to the King of kings!
You are the Forgiveness that brings redemption

Yours was the blood that set us free
You are the Key that unlocks shackles
You will bind the enemy
Glory to the Most High!

You will stop him
You will make all things right 
Please come quickly my King
Show me the way, in the morning
Open my mouth when I should speak
Close my mouth in wisdom.

Amen, in Jesus name, Amen


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