Saturday, October 12, 2013

Making a Card for Beginners :)

Hey everyone! I promised in my last post I would show you how I made card #8 from my 8x8 OSW (One Sheet Wonder)... so here we go!

 What you see here is my #8 piece of designer paper in the center.  I chose the card stock for the card base (which came out of a set of cards and envelopes by DCWV), size A2 (5.5"x4.25").  It is hard to tell, but it is a light blue color.  Then I have the pink card stock, and white card stock to work with.

I took my dobber and Tim Holz distressing ink (vintage photo) and smudged up the edges. You can see a little better how I did this if you scroll down a few photos... ;) If I have a straight cut piece of card (like the white you see to the right) I almost never measure it for the border. I adhered it to the white card stock, I just eye-ball it using double adhesive tape in my Advanced Tape Glider (ATG). I LOVE that thing and will talk to you more about it in my next blog!  And then cut the other two sides with my paper cutter

Here it is...I am getting ready to cut.  Sometimes I will trim the whole side off...sometimes I will just cut around the paper.  It really all depends on what kind of mood I'm in and if I think I need to save a larger piece of paper, or think I will use the one strip for scrapbooking or something... :)

To the right I cut the border a little bit longer than the other side because I have decided that is where my greetings is going to be stamped.

I then decided that I wanted the pink card stock to frame the whole makes it stand out a little from the light blue card stock I am using for the base of the card. I adhered (ATG) the white piece of card stock with designer paper to the pink piece of card stock and proceeded to cut :)

Next, to the right I decided that I wanted to make a 'background' on the card base. So I took a flower stamp and stamped in an alternating pattern of diagonals across the front.

Almost done with the front! I tied some ribbon around the pink card stock to see what it would look like, and I liked it soooo....

I stamped my greetings, which in this case is Happy Birthday (Inkadinkadoo), slid the ribbon on to the pink card stock and then applied adhesive to the card stock over the ribbon to help it stay in place.  There are other ways to do this, but this is how it got done here :) I positioned it on to the card where I thought it fit best and ta da!!  Pretty Simple Smartie!!

 It is rare that I leave the inside of my cards without adding another piece of card stock and something pretty stamped in there some how.  So I measured a piece of white card stock, 5.25"x 4" and it fits perfectly inside of the A2 card leaving a 1/4" 'frame' on the inside.  Here you can see my dobber I spoke about earlier.  It fits right on the tip of my finger.  It has a sponge on the end of it I 'dip' onto the ink (in this case T.H.'s vintage photo distress ink).  I then just lightly 'smudge' the dobber against the edge of the card stock all the way around and it leaves it with a vintage-y smudged look.  Sorry it is a bit difficult to see in the picture.

There is a picture of my ATG!  You'll get a better view of it in the next blog :) In this pic I was trying to show you how I applied the tape... I flipped my 'smudged' card stock over and put a strip in each corner.  You don't have to use much of the stuff and that is one reason why I like it. :)

Then I position it as evenly as I can inside the card.  I decided not to stamp the inside of this one, but you can definitely see the 'smudged' edge of the card stock now that I put it in.  That's it!

I also adhere my blog information on the back of each card, but if you make one and are just giving it away, you could just sign your initials on the back and maybe the year :)

This is pretty basic information, but if there is something I missed or if you have questions let me know! I have more cards that I will be posting for sale soon, and a couple of other blogs to spill out :)

Thanks for joining me today :)